Thursday, December 07, 2006

A new mivtza had been introduced, following the Chitas-Club mivtza, it's a Seder Sichos/Inyonei Geulah umoshiach seder three times a week, and one of them being a shiur. Well many of the bochurim participated, and were rewarded for their steady and uncompromising attitude towards the mivtza. They were taken to a place called "Funtastics", where they were treated to a couple of rounds of go-carting, and then the bochurim were able to enjoy themselves with whatever way their heart desired at that given moment.

The Shluchim got to enjoy themselves immensely too at the "Funtastics" trip today.


Berel m. said...

hey sruly looking great.

Sis said...

Poor horse.

Mordy said...

Awesome Pic. (with the horse that is)
Is there any way you can make that one clickable so we can see it in full size?