Tuesday, October 31, 2006


today, the hanhaloh of the yeshiva got a chance to find out where the bochurim are holding in their studies. a test was given on two subjects: shulchan oruch and chassidus. the test was divided into two parts, one for each subject. the chassidus test will be given iy"h tomorrow morning. although the tests where given out at two different times, they will be graded together. the students have been studying for this since they came back after tishrei, so we wish them much success and good luck, and we hope that this will lead them unto the next step of the ladder in becoming chassidim, yirei shamayim, and most of all lamdonim. amen.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


No, it’s not what you think it is, its not a, no carbs, no sugar, only super influxes of protein and other health foods breakfast. It’s actually something deeper than you’re average breakfast. It’s a time when the community gets a chance to eat breakfast together with the yeshiva bochurim, and in return the bochurim get to study with the community members. The program happens once a week on Sunday mornings. This week is the second week that the program has been running, however this week there was a lecture given as opposed to the usual one on one study, the subject of the lecture was fiber optics from a scientific point of view, given by dr. robert indik one of the longstanding and dedicated members of the Tucson jewish community. Following dr. indik’s lecture, rabbi shemtov explained, and correlated everything the dr. said, to some very profound esoteric, and arcane Chasidic dimensions.

The dessert was Brussels sprouts though

P.S. Sorry we couldn't provide you with a picture, our photographer had a hang over

rabbi shemtov performs miracle

motzei shabbos, the kiddush levana services started out just like it would have on any regular night, however when everyone looked up to see the moon before they started saying the bracha. they noticed that it was being blocked by the clouds. unfortunately we would not be able to carry on. out of the corner of one of the students eyes they noticed that rabbi shemtov took some sort of object out of his pocket, and waved it at the sky several times, as he uttered something inaudible under his breath, and then replaced the object into his pocket. it looked like some sort of handkerchief, but i'm not sure, said the student who had noticed the whole ordeal to begin with. however, just as the crowd was about to give up and go back inside, they where shocked to see that there was a large circular opening in the clouds surrounding the moon. just as the crowd was finishing the services the clouds returned to their original state. afterwards the student who witnessed what had just transpired, approached rabbi shemtov and asked him what he had done. rabbi shemtov vehemently denied being involved, or even knowing what the student was talking about. strange eh?

Friday, October 27, 2006

"cc" update

the chitas club, b"h has generated another shiur, with a spectacular turnout! the bochurim sat and listened while following along inside their chumashim as hashliach hatomim moshe sheyichye orimland gave a shiur on the days chumash. as an 'extra' instead of having refreshments at the shiur, the bochurim were taken to the local circle k (tucson's equivalent of seven eleven), and where treated to slurpees and other refreshments on the house.

may the bochurim be blessed that they should keep up the good work and ways. amen.

men's kolel

the men's learning program has started again, after the tishrei break. it's running in full swing. every night several men from the community come to learn with the shluchim of the yeshiva. the ba'alei battim have a choice of what they want to study. they can choose from any spectrum of the jewish sea of knowledge. occasionally the bochurim are privileged to learn from the ba'alei battim several valuable tips from their profesional yet experienced expertise.

on behalf of the entire tucson we would like to thank hashliach hatomim yankie shemtov for arranging, and putting together such a nice program.

Rabbi shemtov signs new lease for shluchim

rabbi shemtov has signed a new lease yesterday for the bochurim shluchim after previous car was given to some desperate illegal immigrants. "there's no reason why the shluchim can't be like anyone else, and drive a normal car" quoted Rabbi shemtov when asked what the occasion was. the shluchim said it wasn't necessary, but they wouldn't refuse the car if it were offered.

hashliach hatomim levi lipskar gets in to the new vehicle minutes after it was delivered to the yeshiva.
the yeshiva has grown, so has the staff!!! ke"h. today mr. sax had the privilege, and honor to introduce the new secular teacher. mr. sax, spent over an hour talking with him and preparing him for his upcoming career at the yeshiva. they exchanged different teaching techniques. and then went on to give their classes.
a shiur was given today by hashliach hatomim moshe sheyichye hect. the shiur was given on one of the lamed tes melochos, a program started recently by rabbi wilshanski. "we hope to cover all thirty-nine of them this year" said rabbi wilshanski. he has planned that every shliach should give a shiur on a different melacha every week, and in that way, reach the goal which he set for the yeshiva.

we would like to compliment moshe hecht on his crystal clear and very easy to understand shiur. he accomplished this by giving over comical anecdotes, and other easy to understand examples. thank you.

the tables are turned

usually the shluchim watch the bochurim as they enter shiur every day. however today,
the bochurim got to watch as the shluchim themselves had a shiur by the rosh yeshiva, rabbi wilshanski. i hope the shluchim set a good example! the shiur was given, on a wide variety of in-depth sugyas to ensure that the shluchim would not get rusty of their yeshiva years

Thursday, October 26, 2006


we told you we'd let you know as soon as it happens, it happened! the rest of the details of the "CC" mivtza have been released. who would of thought? i mean it was so farfetched. well folks cc stands Chitas Club. aha. many of the bochurim had been assuring me all along that it stood for seder sichos. i knew something had to be wrong with that. but now thank g-d it finally came out. the rules are as follows: the bochurim learn chitas every day, there's a trip every week! and after three weeks there'll a raffle for the new ipod shuffle! now, to make it easier there will be shiur every night on the chumash of that day, given to the bochurim by one of the tzadikei hashluchim. and this leads me/us to the next picture.

chitas club, boruch hashem started out with a tremendous turnout, the first shiur was given by hatomim hashliach sruli richler. refreshements were served at the shiur. we wish the bochurim much success in their new "project", and may they be grow from strenght to strength!!!...amen.

the weekly farming update

this week, on our weekly educational farming hour, we learned how to trim the nails of a sheep. we thought it would be that easy. you try and trim the nails of a 150 pound animal, that has no clue that you only have good intentions holding those sharp looking snippers. first we had to trap the thing into a corner so we can put a rope around it's nose/mouth/face once you have done that safely, what you want to do is hold it's head up because it puts it into a trance sort of. well that's what mrs. laytin said and she's the professional, so i'm going to take her word on that one. i don't really have many other choices hanging around these sheep. so i take her advice, and she turns out to be right! like all other stuff on the farm. once you've got the head securely fastened upwards, only then can you go ahead and cut the nails.

after we where done taking care of the sheep we went to say hello to the horses, and of course once we where there we fed them som carrots and some of my hand. anyways i guess it was a good learning experience for me. thank you mrs. laytin

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

just as the shulchan aruch seder was starting hatomim hashliach, moishe orimland got up and announced that the shluchim had promised anyone that would finish the entire tehillim throughout shabbos mevarchim would get "a little something" as an incentive. so today the "little incentive" which turned out to be a little bigger than a little! was given out.what a surprise, a teffilin bag case, with the yeshiva logo on it (see picture). "it's amazing, i thought they would just give us a slurpee or something like that" one bochur said, after receiving his teffilin bag. "it's something we had to say anyways, and we got something on top of that" said another excited bochur who wished to stay anonymous.

some shluchim couldn't help but be jealous of the bochrim who received the teffilin bags.

from nothing to eventually somthing

the yeshiva boys have taken on a new hobby during they're p/e time. gardening, could you imagine? it used to have been believed by the majority of the human race, that there was a minimum age of 65 years old to do gardening. however, judging by these pictures, and the students enthusiasm, we have been led to understand, and believe, that it's no more than a common myth.
rabbi wilshanski, was so impressed with the gardening session, that he himself was influenced, to take up gardening in his spare time!


new release!!! the hanholah of yeshiva high school of tucson, have just released they're new and latest publishings, titled: "yeshiva high school handbook". it's a book on all different aspects of a bochur in the yeshiva's life. it's available today at any of the yeshiva offices. there will be signings of the new publishings today at the yeshiva, just this time it will be signed alternatively by bochurim and not the author.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


a new mivtza has been introduced. yesterday when we walked into zal we were greeted with the feeling of change, something had been changed in zal overnight. a quick glance at the wall told it all, well, not "all", but at least some of it. there were signs in zal and all over yeshiva campus, which said: "cc" (see picture below)

with another line of text under it which stated:
we've spoken to some of the officials in yeshiva, and they assured us of our assumptions, but said they could not yet reveal the complete details, and content of this new and upcoming mivtza.

but don't worry as soon as the new mivtza is released in full deatail and content we'll let you know about it

on our hour and a half trek through a dried out river and rocky terrain, in scenic tucson. leading the hike is dan the man.
our tayereh shluchim and bochrim working together in unison for the shofar factory, which was a great succes, thanks to g-d, and levi lipskar for running the program

some pictures just speak for themselves.

nostalgic moments from the month of elul

due to popular demand, this is the first of many, of the pictures of the elul zman,
Thank g-d, finally after many strenuous hours of trying to remember the username of this blog, which allows us entry, we thank g-d have retrieved our username which had been lost in confusion minutes after the blog was created. So we would like to give a big thank you to the team of workers who have spent many hours on this, and have finally been successful

Monday, October 23, 2006

we are proud to announce that the 'yeshiva high school of tucson' has released an unofficial, unedited blog! now with this blog you can keep in touch with, and find information, get the lastest news and doings, of the school!