Monday, January 22, 2007

Rabbi S.Z Wilschanski spends shabbos in Tucson

Rabbi S.Z Wilschanski spends shabbos with Yeshiva of Tucson

The bochrim out in the desert of Arizona were recently treated to a delightful and uplifting Shabbos.

Shabbos Parshas V’oera Rosh Chodesh Shevat the Rosh Yeshiva of TTL Morristown spent shabbos with his son Rabbi Betzalel Wilschanski and the students of the Yeshiva High School of Tucson Arizona.

After weeks of intense preparation for the upcoming Yoma D’pagra-yud shevat it was fitting that the temimim were able to participate in an awe inspiring weekend together with an individual who had many personal encounters with the rebbe and a zchus to be mechanech many talmidim over the years.

Friday night Rabbi Wilschanski observed as the shluchim and bochrim engaged in their weekly study of the rebbes sichos pertinent to the week’s parshah, he then joined in with the seder niggunim followed by a beautiful chayusdike kabolas shabbos led by hatomim Mendy Vail (Crown Heights).

During a lengthy farbrengen with the shluchim following seudas shabbos Rabbi Wilschanski commented on the events he had witnessed “I was very impressed by the enthusiasm shown by the bochrim while learning the weekly sicha, their involvement in the seder niggunim and especially during the davening I noticed an added excitement with which the students davened”.

Shabbos day, the bochrim were in for a real treat, unbeknown to them Rabbi Wilschanski in addition to being a rosh yeshiva is also a terrific baal tefila, he took the amud for shachris/hallel using beautiful nusach and hartzikeh niggunim.

After krias hatorah Rabbi Wilschanski addressed the temimim and spoke about how shabbos parshas V’oera is connected and intertwined with chof daled teves and yud shvat as well as with the rabbeim.

Hatomim Hashliach Levi Lipskar (South Africa) then entertained the crowd with a beautiful rendition of the mussaf for shabbos rosh chodesh.

The meal shabbos day was a lively affair, the shluchim and bochrim sat and farbrenged together, while the shluchim shared various insights the bochrim could definitely feel that a special day was right around the corner.

After mincha, a delicious spread was laid out and Rabbi Wilschanski sat down for the highlight of his trip- the big farbrengen- in attendance were the head shliach to Tucson Rabbi Yossie Shemtov and members of the community. Rabbi Wilschanski spoke about the famous statement of the frierdiker rebbe “AMERICA IZ NISHT ANDERSH” and how we are challenged each day with our own personal “AMERICA”. He also stressed the importance of preparation for such a day as yud Shevat and complimented the bochrim on their involvement in the mivtza hachono prepared by the shluchim. He continued to farbreng and inspire until well after shabbos was out.

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