Monday, February 05, 2007


As a part of the "mileage program" Mivtzah Hachono L'yud Sh'vat the bochrim were able to earn incentive prizes as they reached various totals along the way throughout the Mivtza. Many of the boys earned themselves a Hayom Yom with their names printed on them.
Tonight after having his weekly Shiur with Hatomim Hashliach Moishe Hecht, Dr David Segal one of the donors of the Hayom Yoms and President of the Young Israel Synagogue was honored with presenting the students with their gifts.
A big Yasher Koach to all the Shluchim for the tireless work in insuring the success of the program.
A extra vote of thanks goes out to Hatomim Hashliach Moishe Orimland for arranging and coordinating the Mivtza down to the very last detail.

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Effy said...

a special thanks goes as well to Willy Katz, another sponsor of the hayom yoms who couldn't make it to the distributing.