Friday, February 16, 2007


Shabbos Parshas Yisro was a very special one for the students of the Yeshiva High School of Tucson, Rabbi Yaakov Orimland Affectionately known as Rabbi “O” Rosh Yeshiva of YNS in Tzfas Ir Hakodesh and director of the ever successful Camp Hamidbar spent an awe inspiring weekend together with the Bochrim and Shluchim of the YHST.

Rabbi “O” well known for his humor and dedicated attitude towards Bochrim did not disappoint.

Friday afternoon he spent time schmoozing with the Shluchim and got a feel for the yeshiva.

Friday night after a lively davening Rabbi “O” joined the Talmidim for a joyous Seudas Shabbos, he told the boys that even though at times they may think that what they are doing is a small thing and has no affect, they should know that everything little bit counts and each small “dot” is important as it makes up the broader picture, he encouraged the Talmidim to keep up their good work.

Rabbi “O” stayed on until the wee hours of Shabbos morning farbrenging with the shluchim.

Shabbos day was one like none before; one could sense an added excitement in the air.

Rabbi “O” was Mechubad with the Aseres Hadibros, Mincha followed directly after Mussaf to allow the farbrengen to go right through the afternoon, as soon as mincha was over the Bochrim and Shluchim walked together with Rabbi “O” to the Shemtov residence where a beautiful Seudas Shabbos/Farbrengen was setup. Rabbi “O” addressed each Bochur and showed concern for all in attendance. He stressed that each of us are sent down here to fulfill a specific goal and that the tools are easily accessible and that it’s up to us to utilize them. He filled the Talmidim with enthusiasm that is sure to last a long time; Head Shliach to Tucson Rabbi Yossie Shemtov also shared some very intresting thoughts and stories with the crowd, The Farbrengen continued until well after Shabbos was out. After maariv an energetic havdalah ensued and was followed with a series of niggunim with each bochur putting his hand over his friends shoulder in a true display of ahavas achim.

Motzei Shabbos the Shluchim Surprised the Bochrim with a special trip to the bowling alley for their hard work. Rabbi “O” as well as Rabbi and Mrs Shemtov joined them for the outing.

On behalf of all here in the YHST we would like to take this opportunity to thank Rabbi “O” for a wonderful and enriching few days.

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