Monday, March 19, 2007


This past week the students of the YHST had the very unique opportunity to vist Kitt Peak.
Kitt Peak is a world famous observatory where a large amount of the worlds astronomy is reasearched.
It is located about 2 hours from Tucson tucked away approximately 5000ft on a mountain away from any city lights to ensure maximum stargazing capabilities.
The 5 hour exhibition began with sunset and various classes on astronomy and led to naked eye viewing as well as binocular viewing of the constellations and galaxies that we had just learned all about.
The last hour was dedicated to telescope viewing of various stars, the absolute highlight of the show was most certainly gazing through the telescope at the planet Saturn. the image seen by those present was so sharp it looked almost like it came straight out of a book.
And yes Saturn does really have a ring around it!
The lessons learned surely enhanced the attendees understanding of the Rambams Hilchos Kidush Hachodesh.
A special thank you goes out to Mr Robert Indik for his assistance in funding the trip.
Thank you to Rabbis Wilschanski And Shemtov for arranging and coordinating the excursion.

Learning all about hashems amazing creations

Gorgeous sunset

The Rabbi sees stars

Rabbi Shemtov stargazing

"hey man, what am i looking for?"

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