Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bochurim, Landscapers and Bodybuilders

What do these three things have in common? Good question. Well in essence there should be many more categories up there, but we were just trying to describe the new P/E program that has been set up. In short, a deal has been arranged with our next door neighbor, it's as follows: since we had noticed, that he was toiling himself recently, trying by himself, to do a job in his front and back yard, that requires many pairs of hands, we figured we can help, he promised to buy the right materials for us to use, and in return we would help him out in his yard. "I think that this is an amazing program, where we can prepare, and educate the kids for the future, by teaching them these vital skills, and at the same time insure that they acquire a full body workout, thus fore staying in shape, in the present ", said Rabbi Wilshanski after questioned what he had thought about the new program.

We would like to give a speacial thank you, to Moshe Orimland for taking the time to take these pictures for us.

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