Thursday, November 23, 2006


Today, the yeshiva was taken on a hike, but not like the hike we went on in Elul, we're talking about the real stuff! I mean, this hike has led us up and down through the rocky terrain and an occasional stream of the mountains highest peaks. We actually started our hike, at about 9000 ft. and moved our way up to the top point of the mountain. We stopped in middle of the 3 hour hike to eat lunch and rest up, and then returned and went back, taking the same route that we took on the way there. "The scenic, and picturesque views, nestled in the opaque mountains where just breathtaking" mentioned many of the bochurim as we where concluding the hike. Well at least what's left of it after the fire which swept across these mountains, just a short two years ago. We stopped for a group picture at about 6,5oo ft.; notice in the background the mountains which we hiked in.

On our lunch break, the four trip arrangers, stop for a little moment together.

And let us not forget the real reason why we went up to Mount Lemmon today, a beautiful Bar-Mitzvah took place at about 9,500 ft. above sea level. You can never forget the mivtzoim.

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