Wednesday, November 08, 2006


This past weeks update: On Thursday evening, just as they where promised, the bochurim where taken on their weekly trip. This week's trip as you've already guessed was bowling. A new innovation where bochurim get to let out their stress that has bottled up inside them throughout the entire week, by rolling or throwing a heavy ball into a hole at the end of a lane, with some obstacles obviously blocking the way, for they didn't want to make it to easy. In order that the bochurim don't think that we're teaching them how to be violent, they've added a point system. Well folks it's all in the name of fun now. psychologist have agreed with our system, and think it's actually healthy for the boys.
In this picture you can see a shliach walking away after bowling a perfect spin, and knocking down all the pins, however, just not in his lane. Don't ask.

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