Sunday, October 29, 2006

rabbi shemtov performs miracle

motzei shabbos, the kiddush levana services started out just like it would have on any regular night, however when everyone looked up to see the moon before they started saying the bracha. they noticed that it was being blocked by the clouds. unfortunately we would not be able to carry on. out of the corner of one of the students eyes they noticed that rabbi shemtov took some sort of object out of his pocket, and waved it at the sky several times, as he uttered something inaudible under his breath, and then replaced the object into his pocket. it looked like some sort of handkerchief, but i'm not sure, said the student who had noticed the whole ordeal to begin with. however, just as the crowd was about to give up and go back inside, they where shocked to see that there was a large circular opening in the clouds surrounding the moon. just as the crowd was finishing the services the clouds returned to their original state. afterwards the student who witnessed what had just transpired, approached rabbi shemtov and asked him what he had done. rabbi shemtov vehemently denied being involved, or even knowing what the student was talking about. strange eh?

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