Thursday, October 26, 2006


we told you we'd let you know as soon as it happens, it happened! the rest of the details of the "CC" mivtza have been released. who would of thought? i mean it was so farfetched. well folks cc stands Chitas Club. aha. many of the bochurim had been assuring me all along that it stood for seder sichos. i knew something had to be wrong with that. but now thank g-d it finally came out. the rules are as follows: the bochurim learn chitas every day, there's a trip every week! and after three weeks there'll a raffle for the new ipod shuffle! now, to make it easier there will be shiur every night on the chumash of that day, given to the bochurim by one of the tzadikei hashluchim. and this leads me/us to the next picture.

chitas club, boruch hashem started out with a tremendous turnout, the first shiur was given by hatomim hashliach sruli richler. refreshements were served at the shiur. we wish the bochurim much success in their new "project", and may they be grow from strenght to strength!!!...amen.

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every yeshiva should have cc