Wednesday, October 25, 2006

just as the shulchan aruch seder was starting hatomim hashliach, moishe orimland got up and announced that the shluchim had promised anyone that would finish the entire tehillim throughout shabbos mevarchim would get "a little something" as an incentive. so today the "little incentive" which turned out to be a little bigger than a little! was given out.what a surprise, a teffilin bag case, with the yeshiva logo on it (see picture). "it's amazing, i thought they would just give us a slurpee or something like that" one bochur said, after receiving his teffilin bag. "it's something we had to say anyways, and we got something on top of that" said another excited bochur who wished to stay anonymous.

some shluchim couldn't help but be jealous of the bochrim who received the teffilin bags.


laibel said...

hey moshe good to see you are not sleeping and actually doing good work.

Anonymous said...

great job sluchim keep up the good work