Sunday, October 29, 2006


No, it’s not what you think it is, its not a, no carbs, no sugar, only super influxes of protein and other health foods breakfast. It’s actually something deeper than you’re average breakfast. It’s a time when the community gets a chance to eat breakfast together with the yeshiva bochurim, and in return the bochurim get to study with the community members. The program happens once a week on Sunday mornings. This week is the second week that the program has been running, however this week there was a lecture given as opposed to the usual one on one study, the subject of the lecture was fiber optics from a scientific point of view, given by dr. robert indik one of the longstanding and dedicated members of the Tucson jewish community. Following dr. indik’s lecture, rabbi shemtov explained, and correlated everything the dr. said, to some very profound esoteric, and arcane Chasidic dimensions.

The dessert was Brussels sprouts though

P.S. Sorry we couldn't provide you with a picture, our photographer had a hang over

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Shliach said...

Thank you Dr. Indik. Your lecture was clear and enjoyable.