Thursday, October 26, 2006

the weekly farming update

this week, on our weekly educational farming hour, we learned how to trim the nails of a sheep. we thought it would be that easy. you try and trim the nails of a 150 pound animal, that has no clue that you only have good intentions holding those sharp looking snippers. first we had to trap the thing into a corner so we can put a rope around it's nose/mouth/face once you have done that safely, what you want to do is hold it's head up because it puts it into a trance sort of. well that's what mrs. laytin said and she's the professional, so i'm going to take her word on that one. i don't really have many other choices hanging around these sheep. so i take her advice, and she turns out to be right! like all other stuff on the farm. once you've got the head securely fastened upwards, only then can you go ahead and cut the nails.

after we where done taking care of the sheep we went to say hello to the horses, and of course once we where there we fed them som carrots and some of my hand. anyways i guess it was a good learning experience for me. thank you mrs. laytin

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